August 4, 2012


Yes people, after 6 months, 23,000 miles, & 120 shows in 10 states I am happy & still so grateful for everyday.┬áThere are LOTS of “best things about touring” in my opinion. Lately I’m excited by the different people we meet, and all the different TYPES of people our music reaches. It really is a common language and I am becoming more and more aware of that every show.

We had some incredible shows over the past few months and I’ve include a few “photo highlights”.

It was in July that we probably had one of the best nights we’ve had since this journey began…I think my recap sums it up:

“There are some rooms that make you play better, some crowds that make you sing louder & smile a lot, some staff (sound guy/manager etc) that make you feel appreciated & rock starry… there are some people you share the stage with that still make you a groupie. All that, tonight at The Broad Street Social Club in New Bern.”



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