March 24, 2012

happy spring!!!!!!

spring is here and we’re ready to continue our van-tastic journey…month THREE of FULL TIME TOURING! wahooo! i have to honestly say that we’ve been pretty lucky & had an AMAZING winter. we’re looking forward to hitting FL, AL, GA, NC & starting to peek up north to VA and beyond. 🙂 breweries, listening rooms, festivals, rowdy smoky bars, quiet coffee shops, private home shows, outdoor patios, restaurants & rock clubs…we’ve had a great time playing all of em!!!! our down time has been pretty amazing too: beautiful beaches, state parks & hanging w/ perfect strangers & old AND new friends! 🙂  with a new merch table, new songs and refreshing outlook on life, we’re continuing are amazing journey! coming up: Birmingham, Gainesville, Orlando , Tampa, (Skippers! w/ Halcyon), Hudson, Decatur (Eddie’s Attic! w/ Heather Luttrell), then a HOMETOWN Easter Show in Brevard, NC at Down To Earth Cottages! PLEASE RSVP w/ me here!  🙂 keep on spreading the good word!! PEACE YA’LL! 🙂

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